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BMI Calculator

Many people are still not aware of BMI Body Mass Index. they are not aware of its significance and its impact on your overall health. It is used by doctors to know about the body fat and overall health as well. They use advanced BMI calculator to know about body fat and muscle mass.

It does not measure the body fat directly but it has an inversely proportional relation with body fat. It is very cheap to determine body fat instead of performing alternate advance tests.

It works by calculating the weight and height of an individual. The ranking that determines body fat is based upon age and sex. It is then divided into categories, and each number is set according to those categories. The categories are mentioned below

  • Underweight

  • Normal Weight

  • Overweight

  • Obese

  • Extreme Obesity

It is not a diagnostic tool but instead, to build a general perception of the overall health condition. Those people that are in the underweight category are likely to face same health issues just like those fall in the overweight or obese category. But it is normal to see health issues to people of overweight as compared to underweight.

It was created between 1830 and 1850, they were creating social physics but ended up creating advanced bmi calculator.

It is very useful for everyone out there, especially for those facing health issues. It very helpful for weight loss, you can also prepare your mind, to plan losing weight. Generally, men have more muscle but woman face fat, so a woman can get to know about their body fat by using BMI calculator. There are separate BMI calculator women and BMI calculator for men as well.  It will give you a general idea that either your weight is in proportional to your height.

Many advanced bmi calculator is available along with IOS and Android apps. You can get more information by simply using Google And have a healthy life with advanced bmi calculator.

BMI Calculator is also used by health insurance companies in order t have a medical report of the client. It is very useful for insurance representatives.

According to a recent survey conducted by an American Health Journal, explains that explains that 40% percent American men are facing obesity while 555% women are facing obesity. It's an alarming figure and needs to be addressed by the medical authorities. Advanced BMI calculator can help such people to lose weight while knowing their fat they can plan their diet plan with low carbohydrates and unsaturated fats while taking more proteins and natural fats.

You need to use Body Mass Index Calculators as it will help you a lot. Advanced BMI Calculator kg will help you to convert other units as well.

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